Meet the boys that make the noise  

Jamey Jackson Drums backing vocals jamey@midnightmojomusic 

Jamey has been a mainstay within the regional music scenes for 2 decades. He has played in the music scene and is a very well respected musician. There is not a musical  genre that Jamey does not love nor cannot play His timing is impeccable  The thump and heartbeat of Mojo comes from the kick.

Source from interviews from regional musicians 

Rick Robinson Bass guitar backing vocals

Chris Leach Guitars backing vocals

Chris has been around and on the top rung of the music scene for a long time. One of the founding members of 2 legendary bands No Rulz & Sober Otis started Chris's rise to the top and provided Chris a platform to write and develop his unique style. As a member of Army of Frogs, Non Prophet and Tuesday Suede Chris has had the opportunity master his craft and shred as well as play in the pocket 

Roy Reece Bradley Jr Lead Vocals